IDC CX and Customer Success - Benelux

Transforming CX into Customer Success and Loyalty

Digital Forum

April 29, 2021

IDC & Equinix Manufacturing Webinar

Digital transformation and ecosystem collaborations – leveraging data and technology to drive value


March 25, 2021

IDC Future of Trust - Benelux

Building digital trust:​ Identity, Privacy and Data Security

Digital Forum

March 9, 2021

IDC CxO Directions - Benelux

Succeeding as CxO in The DX Economy

Digital Forum

January 27, 2021

IDC Directions Benelux

Digital Forum

January 26, 2021

IDC & PureStorage webinar

Emerging Infrastructure Choices for a Modern Data Experience


December 8, 2020

IDC Multicloud - Benelux

Multicloud 3.0: Ready for Enterprise Workloads

Digital Forum

November 19, 2020

IDC Future of Work - Benelux

Future of Work Redefined

Digital Forum

October 22, 2020

IDC & Hitachi Virtual Roundtable

Implementing a Successful Infrastructure and Data Foundation to Thrive in the Digital Economy

Custom Digital Roundtable

October 8, 2020

IDC Security - Benelux

Elevating Security for Digital Trust & Risk Management​

Digital Forum

September 16, 2020